Monthly Summary

Monthly Summary – September 2017

Monthly Summary Okey, one month has passed and now is time to do the monthly summary. During the past month the portfolio has grew nicely even though EUR vs USD rate has been negative to me. In the end no big changes in portfolio, only added some Olvi from the Nordnet campaign in the end …

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Investing For Dummies – TOP5 Investing Rules

Hi, This time I will talk about a little bit about my investing rules. I try to avoid investing mistakes by any means, and this is the main reason why I have created these rules for myself. Also, these rules will keep me and my investing strategy discipline and perseverance. If the investor does not …

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Personal Finance

Personal Finance – Know Your Destination

” To get there you need to know your destination” This is one of my favorite quote’s and I use it a lot in work-related tasks and with my personal goals. I really don’t understand people who love to wander around without destination and goals, but you see those quite often. Also, I heard time …

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