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Investing for Dummies – Megatrends (part 3 of 3)

Everything needs to become to end. So, today I will present last three megatrends. If you haven’t not read the previous releases about megatrends, please check those out here:

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Like I have said in my previous posts, one of my methods find suitable companies or trends is to go thru megatrends and how I can benefit from those. Hopefully you have check the first two posts about the trends and you have thought how you can benefit from those. But, here is more stuff for you to think about:

Megatrend #7: Climate Change

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Rising emission levels are causing climate change and changes to environment. There will be more extreme or unpredictable weather and this will have huge impact to world GDP (could reach up to 1% of world GDP per annum). Climate change will cause rainforest to dry up, ice melting and extinction of animals. It is estimated with warming of +3 Celsius 200 million people will need to relocate due to rising sea levels and floods.


  • People living in countries with lowish grounds like Netherlands, Maldives and etc. needs to relocate themselves.
  • Government needs to find ways to limit CO2 emissions
  • This will provide good investing opportunities
    • Investing renewable energies

Megatrend #8; Resource Stress

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Combination of population, economic growth and climate change will put stress to natural resources, like water, food and energy. It is estimated that increasing amount people living in middle-class and increasing population in general will need 50% increase in food production and with today’s water supply we will have 40% gap between supply and demand by 2030. Also, the energy demand will increase by 40% by 2030.


  • Huge pressure for food and water production
  • New solution providing more energy or increasing energy prices
  • Investing opportunities:
    • Price of the food and arable land will increase
    • Energy sector
    • “water” companies and companies investing in water resources (we will run out of water more quickly than oil if no new ways providing water to new customers cannot be found.)


Megatrend #9; Urbanization

freedomsearcher megatrends

66% of people will be living in cities by 2030. Number of megacities will double compare to today and 2 billion will be living in slums. This will put huge pressure to cities how they will organize housing, water and energy for all the citizens. Most of this urban growth will happen in developing countries and it will increase humans impact to natural environment.


  • Instructure of current cities needs to be renewed to support growing population
  • Public transport needs to be developed
  • Development of government services like healthcare and etc.
  • This will provide good investing opportunities
    • ETF’s investing in emerging markets
    • Companies which can benefit from urbanization and are acting in emerging markets

This will be the last post of megatrends. Hopefully, you as an investor can benefit from the postings and if you have ideas or needs to what you want me to write about, please don’t hesitate to drop me a message.





KPMG; Future State 2030

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