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Investing For Dummies – Megatrends (part 2 of 3)

The story continues about megatrends. Today I will present next three megatrends. If you haven’t read first post about series, please check it here: Megatrends (part 1 of 3)

Like I said in my first post, one of my methods find suitable companies or trends is to go thru megatrends and how I can benefit from those. So, let’s try to figure out what you as investor or as a worker can do and benefit from the situation.

Megatrend #4: International trade

International trade will be one the main things why the middle class will increase a lot in Asia. It is expected that Asia’s share of global export will double to almost 40% by year 2030. Companies needs to find more locations where to manufacture more and cheaper goods. The means a lot of new investments to so called “cheap” Asia countries.

freedomsearcher megatrends


  • More Cargo
  • Purchasing power increases in Asia countries
  • Increasing GDP in “cheap” Asia countries
  • This will provide good investing opportunities
    • Cargo / shipping handling companies
    • ETF’s which are investing in this so-called Asia cheap countries (a single company might be too hard to pick)
    • Middle class increases in Asia and they can buy more gadgets

Megatrend #5; Public Debt

Public debt in developing countries has doubled in past 10 years and it is expected to grow almost same rate. This means, countries need to get debt under control and they need to find new ways providing public services or they need to decrease amount of provided services.

Increasing debt in developing countries will increase risk and volatility of global markets. Aging population will put high pressure to system and countries will have only limited potential to meet growing demand of services.

freedomsearcher megatrends


  • People in BRIC / Asia countries are likely to buy more expensive houses, cars and gadgets, because they have more money in use
  • New emerging markets will appear; Nigeria, Indonesia, Myanmar and etc.
  • Investing opportunities:
    • Companies or ETF’s which provides loans to consumers
    • Companies providing services which are today provided by government

Megatrend #6; Economic Power Shift

By year 2030 China and India will have 35% of world population and 25% of global GDP. In total developing countries is estimated to have 57% of global GDP by year 2030.

This means emerging market economies will become important players in international finance.

freedomsearcher megatrends

Source: Roland Berger; Trend Compendium 2030


  • Western companies start to acquire companies from the BRIC countries
  • People in BRIC / Asia countries are likely to buy more expensive houses, cars and gadgets, because they have more money in use
  • This will provide good investing opportunities
    • ETF’s investing in emerging markets
    • Companies selling middle-class items (fancy phones, electronics and etc.)

Next posts will be megatrends #7 to #9. So, stay tuned.





KPMG; Future State 2030

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