Monthly Summary

Monthly Summary – September 2017

Monthly Summary

Okey, one month has passed and now is time to do the monthly summary.

During the past month the portfolio has grew nicely even though EUR vs USD rate has been negative to me. In the end no big changes in portfolio, only added some Olvi from the Nordnet campaign in the end of the month.Olvi is old company which has been selling mostly alcohol (beer, long drinks, etc.) and non-alcohol beverages to consumers in northern part of the Europe. So, in the end quite safe choice, like all of my stocks are 🙂



Total sum of the portfolio was today 16 876,48€, this means portfolio has grew during the past month around 2,3%. So, in the end solid month.

Looking forward

Hopefully the EUR vs USD rate will stabilize or other wise I need to start buying more USD rated stocks 🙂