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Money Management – 7 Hobbies You Can Afford

7 hobbies you can afford

Having a hobby can be very expensive. The costs can rise over four digits per month easily in certain sports. The costs are coming from rent, the interval of practices and training costs. For example, ice-hockey, horse riding, and figure skating are very expensive. I have two kids and am just hoping that their hobby selection would be on the cheap end 🙂

Of course, you can watch TV all day long or play free games with your tablet or mobile phone, but at least for me, these are not “free hobbies” even though those might be free. It would be beneficial for you if you would skip the TV today and you would go outside for having some fun and sweat 🙂

So, what could be a hobby which does not cost much? Here are my findings:


You can borrow a book from the library for free. Nowadays you can also use google play store or another similar provider which offers some books for free.

Learning a Language

You can borrow a book from the library or use internet-based cheap learning programs, like duolingo, memrise or hellotalk.

Body Weight Fitness

Just go outside, you can go running, cycling or do muscle exercises to which you use your own body weight.


Everyone has a pen and paper?

Writing / Blogging

You can start a blog at no cost at all. You can use free platform providers like Blogspot or WordPress. If you want to have own website, prices start at 4-5 €/$ per month. The cheapest host is BlueHost.


Making your own food is much cheaper than eating in restaurants. You can also prepare next day lunch, so you can skip the canteen lunch.


This needs a little bit skills but you can learn programming skills almost at no cost. You can also turn this into profit by making your own apps and programs.

Have fun with your new hobbies,